1st Contact

Starting Out

The story begins like many others, with a group of heroes who like many know not what fate holds for them. these heroes were born of humble origins and worked a humble life, serving in the rebuilding efforts and working quietly to rebuild the once great nation of Aundair. But this all changed when the received a summons to visit the royal house of Queen Aurala il’Wryn, current monarch of Aundair. The campaign opened with the party lost in the northern parts of the silver woods just beyond the border of Thrane. As they began to set up camp for the evening before beginning their journey on foot to the capitol city of Fairhaven. this is when the trouble began for the party was ambushed by a large group of Goblins attacking on behalf of a mercenary group out of Darguun. they dispatched the lead scout group and fled west before the rest of the group could arrive. Soon our fearless adventurers were at the base of the Starpeaks and at the entrance to an old Dwarven clerical training facility known to many as Kal-mor. The party fled inside to find that the city was abandoned and is now haunted by the ghosts of the past dwarves of the facility. The party also learned that the once great cleric Eloril Morsten has sealed his soul in the facility to protect it and help adventurers to defeat the evil that has spread through the facility. To ensure the party does this he has sealed the only way out until they have closed the rift in the bottom of the city. now the true adventure begins.



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