King Typius Ravenheart IV

The Young and Rash king of New Avlee


Typius is a powerful warrior and a skilled strategist, rumor has it that he also possess some magical abilities but it is nearly impossible to determine since no living being has actually scene him preform magic.


King Typius IV is the fourth generation king of New Avlee. like his father and grand father he leads his people with his charismatic personality and his staunch leadership. while some might say his ideals are rash he just laughs and says change is inevatible and that only in quick action can it be good for all. already in his short time as ruler of the ancient land, (5 years) he has reformed the old orders of magic that once abounded in his lands and has set forth a plan to reclaim much of the old lands which are now lost to the wild woods.

King Typius Ravenheart IV

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