Nyx von Burr

Nyx is only the worlds greatest wealth management technician


Rogue/Raven Herald 11, Shadar-kai,background- house lyrandar privateer,

stats; str-16, con-15, dex-23, int-13, wis-14, cha-21.

Health hitpoints-87, bloodied-43, surge value-21, surges per day-8,

Defenses AC-26, Fort-22, Ref-27, Will-24.

At-Will Exploits(powers) Disheartening strike, Piercing Strike.

Encounter Exploits; Shadow Jaunt, Guarded Attack, Flamboyant Strike, From the Shadows, Unraveling strike, Healing word.

Daily Exploits; Counfounding Attack, Not It, Surefoot Retort.

Utility Exploits; Double Take, Chameleon, Combat Tumblest.


Nyx von Burr

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